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Who we are

Horizon Power and Energy is an independent professional energy services business, based in Hampshire in the UK. We are primarily focussed on delivering bespoke energy and low carbon solutions for large corporations, the public sector, developers, investors and land owners. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and will often deliver project requirements through ‘best in class’ partnerships, suppliers or consortia. Whilst we are based in the South of the UK, we are also able to consider commissions elsewhere in the UK or in continental Europe, often working through partnering arrangements.

What we do
It's true that best practice can be transferred from one project, sector or country to the next; however we all know that no two organisations or their needs are the same. That's why we place the client's requirements and desired outcomes at the centre of every project before we start. Understanding what you require and delivering appropriate solutions is what we do.

We are able to support clients across a broad range of energy and carbon management disciplines and work in four key areas; Energy Consulting, Energy Management, Energy Retrofit and Renewable Energy.

We predominantly provide professional services covering areas such as strategy development, benchmarking, feasibility studies, technical and commercial analysis, investor's due diligence, procurement and scheme development. We have experience of working with both public and private sector organisations both within the UK and across Europe and America.


Our values
We believe that through tackling climate change and energy security, businesses and governments can improve competitiveness, increase employment and deliver economic prosperity. For this reason we will always endeavour to find solutions that deliver financial, economic and environmental benefits. We also believe that relationships are crucial to the success of any program and you can be assured that we will always act with integrity, professionalism and honesty.



  Energy Consulting & ESOS   Energy Management

From time to time, most organisations need some help or additional resource to deliver their programs. Whether you need support with ESOS Compliance, the development of a carbon and energy reduction strategy, or simply investing in clean-tech projects, Horizon Power and Energy consulting may be able to help.

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Energy costs are a significant and rapidly rising part of many organisations' cost base. This can range from two percent of turnover for an average commercial organisation to fifty percent in some energy intensive industries. It is often possible to significantly reduce these costs simply through the implementation of demand analysis, benchmarking and monitoring and targeting regimes.

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  Energy Retrofit   Renewable Energy

In both the private and public sector the energy performance of facilities can be dramatically improved by replacing ageing plant and equipment with new energy efficient technologies. Many such retrofit programmes are self financing. The current combination of low interest rates and rapidly rising energy prices means there has never been a better time for major energy retrofit projects
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The rapid growth of multi-megawatt renewable energy schemes is set to continue as we decarbonise our energy supply. The implementation of these complex projects often requires short term professional technical, commercial and managerial support. If you're an investor requiring assistance with due diligence, a landowner considering a feasibility study or a scheme developer needing management and commercial support then we can probably help.
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Viridista - Energy Solutions