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It is often said that the most important thing in any businesses is good cash-flow management. Whilst this is very true, rather less people talk about the importance of relationships, yet the continued success of all businesses depends on having great relationships with customers, staff and suppliers. We understand that our success depends not just on the quality of our work, but on the value we place on relationships. This is equally true for both our customer and supplier relationships. In our experience the most successful relationships are open, honest and based on mutual respect.

"By putting ourselves in our client's shoes we are much better placed to deliver a solution that will meet their needs"

Our first objective in any new relationship is to gain a thorough understanding of our client's objectives and challenges. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, however repeated experience has shown that clients often specify outcomes rather than explaining what is really driving a particular project or requirement. Through early-stage discussions we try to discover any unstated secondary objectives or no-go areas. By putting ourselves in our client's shoes we are much better placed to deliver a solution that will best meet their needs. Whilst this approach requires an upfront investment of time and effort by both ourselves and our client, we believe that it results in a better outcome. Whilst we will always keep our clients informed, this approach also minimises any burden placed on the client, who may ordinarily require multiple reviews to ensure the project is meeting their requirements.

"we have relationships with a network of associate energy consultants"

Due to the diverse nature of the energy service market, we have relationships with a network of associate energy consultants who work with us on many projects. This approach allows us to employ consultants who have the right skills and qualifications for a specific project. This also allows us to flex resources with our changing workload, thus minimising overheads. We only work with a limited number of associates who share our high standards and values, and we always work side by side rather than passing work on. Prior to commencing any commission we always like to meet with clients to introduce any associates that will be working with us.

"we are independent from any specific technology or service provider"

With the exception of energy consulting and management services, we rely exclusively on suppliers to deliver larger projects. We do not act as supplier agents and remain independent from any specific technology or service provider. This freedom allows us to choose the right solution for your project, whether it is an installer, O&M contractor or technology system. In nearly all instances we would only choose those suppliers which are known to us and meet our requirements regarding safety, quality and cost competitiveness. We retain control and oversight of the project from inception through to completion so that you have a single point of contact. In some instances we are also happy to deliver projects on a managing agent basis. Under this model, we would typically maintain responsibility for specifying and managing the project, whilst the installation or construction contractor would be contracted directly to the client.

"it is very common to assemble a consortium or special purpose company for delivery and operation of the scheme"

Many large renewable energy projects utilise ‘project finance’ to enable the construction of the renewable energy plant. On these projects it is very common to assemble a consortium a special purpose company for delivery and operation of the scheme. The same approach is sometimes taken on a larger energy retrofit projects. Where this is the case, we are happy to work as a partner within a consortium or within a special-purpose company.





Our values:

Climate change and energy security are two of the biggest challenges that both our society and our economies face in the coming century. The magnitude of the challenge is unprecedented and will require concerted action from individuals, governments, businesses and investors. Despite the scale of the challenge, we believe that by working together we can create a more sustainable and prosperous future for the next generation. Horizon Power and Energy is playing its own small part in this transformation by assisting others to deliver a more secure and lower carbon future. We passionately believe that by tackling climate change and energy security, we can improve competitiveness, increase employment and deliver sustainable prosperity. For this reason we will always endeavour to find solutions that deliver financial, economic and environmental benefits.

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"We have pride in the work that we do"

We aspire to long term client relationships rather than short term transactional associations. We know that good relationships are crucial to achieving this, so whether you're a client or supplier, you can be assured that we will always act with integrity, professionalism and honesty. We have pride in the work that we do and recognise that any business is only as good as their last job.

"Bespoke solutions for each and every customer"
Understanding our client's culture, drivers and barriers is important if we are to be successful. Because we are a small business we can easily fit ourselves to our client's business. It is this recognition that no two businesses are the same that allows us to develop bespoke solutions for each and every customer. In our experience, the best outcomes are delivered when best practices from the marketplace are combined with the client's own requirements and processes. Taking this flexible approach to working ensures that we do not develop a square peg for a round hole. We also recognise that the world is changing place and that businesses are dynamic. For this reason, we strive to be as flexible as possible in all of our relationships and agreements. This flexible and adaptable outlook means that our clients can count on us to support any change within their business requirements regardless of circumstance.

"We will always seek to balance the need to for innovative solutions with the need to reduce risk"

It is true that ‘innovation’ is a much over-used word; in many instances the obvious, tried and tested solutions can be the best answer. Innovation for the sake of innovation can also add risk and uncertainty, especially for investors in a new technology or scheme. However, both energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies rely heavily on the ability of industry to continuously innovate. Indeed the successful commercialisation of many technologies relies exclusively on such improvements. In an industry dominated my new technologies and breakthroughs, it is important to recognise both the risks and benefits associated with any new scheme. We will always seek to balance the need to for innovative solutions with the need to reduce risk, thus protecting all of our client's interests.




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